Building the confidence and self esteem of marginalised

looked after BME children.


Kam is a proactive authority in the field of black hair science and has delivered nationwide Seminars around the science of black hair care, diversity and inclusion, challenging the construct of beauty cultural competency training with a specific emphasis on building the confidence and self esteem of marginalised looked after BME children.  Her  multi award winning hair care brand  and afro hair care  workshops have been featured on the BBC, Newstyle and big city, radio. She has delivered training in Schools. Universities and at hair care conferences.

Her  background in working with looked after children means  she  have seen first had the challenging experiences faced by black and dual-heritage placed in cross cultural placements and  For many they are left feeling that their hair is problematic, unattractive and un-normal.

Kam is passionate about changing the implicit bias when it comes to highly textured hair types, and is focused on championing diversity in the standards of normality  so she has coupled her  a background in learning and development, afro hair care and experiences of working with looked after young people in the development of C.O.D.E

 Kam says


As a child i was told that my hair wasn’t normal, but as i got older  and developed  in confidence I started to question the  projection of normality, what does that mean, and isn’t it subjective?! To me my hair is normal, it’s is all i have known, it represents my family and my identity, my culture and it is the second most important racial signifier.

For black children in cross cultural placements, it is important that they are in placements where they are made to feel normal, Its imperative that foster cares work to ensure that holistic needs of the children in care are met, which includes their personal care needs and sense of identity. This will facilitate a sense of security, stability and belonging, which empowers a child in care feel confident, accepted develop a strong sense of self. Our courses help facilitate that process