Janet Harris -  Foster Carer

This was a really interesting course and I learnt a great deal on many levels. The trainer delivered the course to an excellent standard. This course would not of been at the top end of my training list however, I have taken a lot of knowledge from this and would recommend it to  all other foster carers

Gemma Jenkins  - Social Worker


The training was really good. The trainer was confident and really knowledgeable on the subject in what she was talking about and managed questions really well. the course gave exceptional  overview and  understanding different hair types and knowing practically how to look after African hair.

Sally Cleavland -  Foster carer

Learning about the  wider impacts of discrimination weather intended or not was really eye opening, it was something I never considered. I always thought that it was important NOT to see colour but now I understand that its really important to acknowledge someones culture and heritage  see colour and really understand how race and identity impacts on the way that other individuals may experience the world.  Instead of saying that  I do not see colour,  what I will now say is  'I do not discriminate or stereotype on the bases of colour'!.


Thanks Kam for helping me to realise this. This was honestly one of the best training events I have attended, I think ALL foster carers  should attend this training program  

Micheal Korban - Social Worker 


It was all relevant and very informative. The theory behind identity, social learning  and hair was an important part of the training program. I would recommend the training to all social workers and foster carers.

Fazana Begum - Foster carer 


The science behind hair really helped me to understand the specific needs of afro textured hair types, the discussions around stereotypes and the importance  of words and its impact on children will defiantly help me to think about how I talk about hair with my foster child. I would recommend this course to all foster carers.